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Team Travel


For all traveling meets that MHDC attends, members of MHDC are required to travel, lodge and compete as a team as this gives us the ability to receive group discounts for airfare and further cultivate the team atmosphere that is so fundamental to our culture.  Since MHDC has to put a lot of time, money and effort up front to secure bookings, transportation, accommodations, etc for a very large team and fronts the money for all travel related expenses, if a diver does not attend a team travel meet after they have committed to going, whether they are a contracted athlete or not, they are still responsible for their share of divided meet costs.  MHDC often has internal deadlines for meets (i.e.: head counts for seats on a bus/van/rental, shared hotel rooms, number of chaperones needed, and meals more times than not).  

For appropriate meets, MHDC will arrange chaperones responsible for supervising athletes during the entire duration of the trip.  If you are interested in chaperoning a meet, please contact the MHDC office. Parents are welcome to make their own arrangements to observe these meets, however, athletes must stay with their teammates.  

Hotel, rental car, gasoline, pool rental fees (training trips only), and any other incurred expenses will be included on this invoice. 

Please note that if it is a driving meet and your diver chooses not to ride in the team van, you will still be responsible for paying the divided portion of the transportation fee for all divers on the trip.  All divers will utilize the team vans once at the meet for transportation to and from hotel, to and from dinners, etc.   In addition, team vans are necessary to transport coaches to and from the meet.

All expenses will be divided equally among the athletes that travel on the trip.

  • Please note that this is true regardless of whether or not parents come on the trip.
  • An exception will be made for athletes 12 years of age or younger who are under the care of their parents for the entire duration of the trip. In this case lodging will be the responsibility of the family.  All other expenses, including but not limited to auto rental, coach’s hotel, coach’s airfare, gas, food and any other applicable fees are the responsibility of the families at the same rate at the members of the team that are traveling without their parents.  You will need to submit this Parental Chaperone Form prior to going on the trip if you will be acting as chaperone for your 12 year old or younger athlete.
  • This policy is to ensure the lowest possible cost for everyone involved on the team by dividing the expenses over as many athletes as possible.
  • A meet breakout of all expenses will be posted on the website after the meet and is due within 10 days of posting to avoid late fees of $50 plus 18.49% per annum.  Because we incur all travel and meet expenses, many times months in advance, a service fee of 5% is added to all meet breakdowns.  Payments made cash or check will receive a 5% discount.   
  • Summer National Travel Fee: Following the Summer National Meets each member of the National Prep, National Prep Advanced, College Prep, and Elite groups will be billed for a portion (divided among the entire NP/NPA/CP/E groups) of the expenses for coach’s travel to the meet.