We often tell the story that diving chose us and as fate would have it - it just was meant to be!  Kensi was an active athletic kid when a MHDC scholarship recipient spotted her doing back flips and asked her if she ever thought about diving. She handed her a card to Mile High Dive Club.  Kensi gained a spot as one of the Little Rippers 10 years ago and it has been one of the best decisions we have made.  The training and coaching fundamentals were exceptional and the life experiences she gained through hard work, travel, competition and friendships helped mold her into who she is today.  As a leader on the University of Georgia swim & dive team, she qualified for NCAAs both years and has been named to both the University of Georgia Athletics Honor Roll & SEC Academic Honor Roll. MHDC gave her the foundation of her training focus, skill, determination and work ethic.  More importantly, she is a kind, well rounded human.  As parents, we are grateful to have been involved with such a great diving club with exceptional coaches at MHDC.  Diving opened doors that might not have been opened and created bonds and friendships for life. 

-Raissa & John Austin, Parents


Being a member of Mile High Dive Club has been instrumental in helping me achieve many of my goals as an athlete, student, and leader. The relationships I developed with both my teammates and my coaches within this program have been pivotal in making me the woman I am today. As a sport, diving has taught me invaluable lessons in courage, determination, and trust in myself that I continue to fall back on throughout my college career. Jack and Jenn are incredible coaches, and have worked tirelessly to create an elite, dynamic, and competitive program that pushes athletes like myself to be the best they can be both on the boards and in everyday life. I am so grateful for my years on this team, and would encourage any prospective athlete or parent to take the plunge as well.

-Katie Russ, Harvard Student-Athlete


Having just completed his third season competing for the University of Missouri Men’s Swim and Dive Team, it’s almost easy to forget that eight years ago Kyle went from winning both boards at Regionals as a thirteen-year-old to failing several dives one month later at West Nationals in Houston, Texas. That was a very tough time for a teenage boy and without the patience and guidance of the coaches at Mile High Dive Club, he would have quit the sport and missed out on many years of friendships, success, travel and fun adventures with his teammates and coaches. That year was not the end of his diving challenges as he had to deal with both physical and mental obstacles along the way but every time he received the support he needed to move on. This team and sport has given him opportunities he never would have enjoyed had he not had the encouragement to stick to it and become a truly great diver. The many years of time management necessary in being a student athlete paid dividends in college as he has been named to the SEC Academic Honor Roll every year in addition to qualifying for NCAA’s. I’m not sure a parent can ask for more than to have their child succeed equally in their sport and school. I have no doubt the discipline he has learned from diving for Mile High will continue long after he takes his last dive and for that, I am most grateful.

-Lisa Goodwin, Parent


Mile High Dive Club has been part of my life since the age of 9 years old. I am 27 years old now, so yikes, that is a long time. I learned how to be a hard worker, role model, and active participant in helping others chase their dreams while being part of Mile High Dive Club. Maggie was my very first diving coach and she taught me about working hard to get what I want. She was generous with her time and talent; being her diver taught me how to not only work hard in the pool but outside the pool as well. Jack and Jenn helped shape me into the woman I am today, hard work, dedication, commitment, and integrity are some of the many values they instilled in me at a young age. Mile High Dive Club has such a special place in my heart and always will. Jack and Jenn don't only care about diving but they also care about the diver, their life, school, family and friends. I met some of my life long friends at Mile High and I am forever grateful for that. Jack and Jenn have been part of many milestones in my life and I am proud to call them friends and mentors. They are even coming to my wedding this coming September, how many people can say they have been friends with coaches that long let along close enough friends to be invited to their wedding. I honestly do not know where I would be today if I didn't have such an amazing program to help mold and shape me. Thank you.

-Christina NUNEZ-Wood, Division I Scholarship Athlete


Taylor joined Mile High Dive after her freshmen year of high school and it changed the course of her life forever.  Taylor had been a gymnast since the age of two and like many high level gymnasts she had experienced some very serious injuries, so may injuries that the emergency room at Children's Hospital knew her by sight.  Taylor had dreams of college scholarships and the idea of leaving the world of gymnastics to transition to another sport was unimaginable. However at the age of fourteen we knew her body could not withstand any more breaks, dislocations, strains and sprains.

The coaching staff at Mile High was instrumental in helping Taylor physically and mentally transition to the world of diving. Mile High's philosophy on training athletes was so different then our past athletic training experience. Not only did Mile high physically train Taylor to be a division 1 college athlete but most importantly they provided her with the mental strength and emotional support to become a confidant young women both on and off the diving board. Many athletic programs concentrate all their efforts one one or two athletes in their program that will "win" meets for them. Mile High spends time cultivating all their athletes to perform and be the best version of themselves in all aspects of their life. They believe that who you are is just as important as how well you dive.   

Taylor entered her senior year with numerous scholarship offers from Division 1 universities from all over the country. Her dream of competing at a collegiate level was here.  I really can not say enough about how wonderfully instrumental Mile High has been in Taylor's journey. The coaches, staff, the athletes and yes even other parents all provided Taylor unparalleled support. 

Currently Taylor is competing in college and living the life that she so wanted to experience. It is as amazing as she thought it would be.

-Christy Clark-Weese, Parent


We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate Averly found diving and became part of Mile High Dive Club family. We could go on at length regarding athletic skill development and achievements as a diver, from her first practice to fulfilling her dream of earning Division I scholarship. But, what we are most grateful for are the life skills and values that her coaches encouraged and required from the team. Every step of the way, she was given the opportunity, support and sometimes tough love, to overcome the challenges and fears that came both on and off the board. We’ve watched her succeed in diving, and now have the privilege of watching the dedication, persistence and love she learned at Mile High help her succeed in life.   

-Carrie & Gary Hobbs, Parents


I believe that the highest compliment I can give to Mile High Dive Club is that my daughter has never been happier in her many years of athletics.  As so many divers do, Melissa came out of an extensive gymnastics background.  As she was entering into Level 10 competition, she was plagued by injuries and understandably discouraged.  Our family’s running joke, even though it isn’t funny at all, is that when you get to know the emergency room employees on a first name basis, it is time to try something different. 

Our neighbors, the Bush family, also had a Level 10 gymnast turned diver at MHDC as a senior in high school.  Aubrey has gone on to become a very successful college diver at the University of New Mexico.  Going into her junior year in high school, Melissa was ready to move on and told us she would give diving one month and see how it went.  It obviously went very well because she has never looked back.  Now, she has graduated from high school and has quite a list of accomplishments under her belt as a diver, none being any bigger than her numerous scholarship offers from Division 1 universities all over the country.  We realize that she never would have had so many opportunities in gymnastics, and we are so grateful to MHDC for everything they have done for her (and for us, her parents). 

Not only has diving opened many doors for Melissa, the program itself is so different from what we have experienced in her past athletic pursuits.  The coaches bring out the positive in their athletes through praise and encouragement and without pressure or criticism, and they are highly respected and well known by college diving coaches throughout the country.  So if you are looking for a sport and a club that will produce a well rounded individual, we highly recommend Mile High Dive Club.  Whether your child has been in another sport for years, or if he or she is just beginning their athletic endeavors, MHDC will support your child on all fronts. Our experience with them has been exceptional and we are so honored to have been a part of their team.  By the way, Melissa is still following in the footsteps of Aubrey Bush and has chosen to pursue her college diving career on a scholarship to the University of New Mexico.

All the best to Mile High Dive Club and thank you once again!

PS. Just thought I'd let all of you know that as a result of all of the excellent training Melissa has received at Mile High, she received dozens of awards at last night's swim and dive banquet for her high school.  She was also awarded the MVP Award, and no one could believe that she has only been diving for a mere 17 months.  It says a lot for her coaches.  The high school coaches have also submitted her application for All American.  Thanks for everything!!!

-Susan Bollig, Parent


I spent some time thinking about why I choose MHDC first and above all other clubs.  I want you to know that it has a large part to do with the MHDC philosophy.

Cultivating life skills though the sport of diving.

This is so very, very important.  Most of the kids who we will come across as athletes will have a lifespan of at most 5-15 years in the sport (at best), but they will be ‘people’ their entire lives.  When we often times will spend more direct time with these athletes than their parents, the lessons of life we teach them through our sport will carry them throughout their lives.  Accountability, humility, teamwork, leadership, just to name a few are all traits that create successful productive people in today’s world.  Too many coaches and clubs to day focus on the sport, winning, and their own image.  Diving is so very small scale in the big picture of life, but we are so very fortunate to have it as our tool to help teach and inspire many young people today.  It provided so much for me in my life and I hope can do my part as to do the same for future generations.

That is all, I think MHDC is great and you guys do a fantastic job.  Keep it up, I will always be in your corner.

-Luke Richmond, Partner, RipTide Pool Management


Sadie joined Mile High the spring of 2006 and was placed on the JO team.  At that point her only significant experience with diving was high school as a freshman.  She joined the pre-senior team in the fall of 2007 and she signed with Evansville in the fall of 2008.  She received a total scholarship of 55% of the total cost of tuition, room and board, plus 100% of books.  The scholarship is about half academic and half athletic.  We appreciate all the time and help you have given Sadie, it is definitely worth the cost!

-Sherri Wells,  Parent


Thank you for your hard work making things happen for MHDC. My husband and I feel fortunate that Madelyn "happened upon" your club. She is truly loving diving and thinks Mike and Charlie are the best. If I, as a parent, can help my child develop her passions and dreams in life, then I can ask for nothing better. MHDC has been a wonderful instrument for Maddy to try out a passion, and fly with it.

-Cindy Loehr, Parent


I have had two divers who have trained with MHDC over the past 5 years and they have matured as athletes, developed tremendously as divers, and gained enormous self confidence. This program is solidly based and executed. The coaches are the best in the country and the development of the divers is testimony to their skill level. The MHDC program is an exceptional program for divers of all levels.

-Kathy Smith, Parent


As a parent coming in to the club with an athlete who has been in gymnastics for 7 years, I really appreciate how the coaches treat members of the team with respect and positive coaching methods. I also like how supportive the team members are with each other. It is a great atmosphere for participation and reward - regardless of the athlete's abilities. My son is actually having a great time diving and looks forward to going to each practice.

-Steve Cohen, Parent


Our family was involved in gymnastics for over 35 years from recreation programs to national championships and international competition.   Injuries in gymnastics required our son, Preston, to leave the sport after 13 years of training.   He received a full scholarship to a private, division one, program (Southern Methodist University) after only diving for 2.5 years with MHDC.  This has enabled him to pursue an excellent, higher education in mechanical engineering and math.

Preston's two younger brothers thoroughly enjoy their practices with the coaches at Mile High and our sons' transition from Olympic Training Center gymnastics to diving with MHDC has been much more rewarding than we ever expected.   We are all very grateful for the discipline, friendships and opportunities that MHDC has offered.

-The Holcombe Family