Skill Training

MHDC utilizes a series of skill levels to ensure systematic training to develop a strong foundation for the sport. This process ensures that each athlete develops a strong training base, and decreases the chance for gaps in technical development, which can cause difficulty learning more advanced dives later in the athlete's career. Additionally, this process decreases the risk of injury in the sport by ensuring that adequate skills and repetitions are completed before more advanced dives are attempted.

Skill Meets in the Gym

There are a total of eleven skill levels, ranging from Level 1 to Level 10+. Each level has a series of corresponding skill sets that each athlete is required to complete in order to graduate from that level. Once an athlete completes their Level 5 skills, they will have the basic requirements to compete at the Colorado High School State Championship meet. Each coach uses a detailed outline of the Skill Levels. 

Skill level meets are designed to test the divers advancement through the skill levels.  Each skill level includes many dry skills as well as wet skills.  For each skill level that the athlete completes, s/he will receive a corresponding patch for that level.  Divers can proudly display these iron-on patches on any MHDC gear such as towels (shown below), t-shirts, backpacks, etc.

  Level 1:  MHDC logo patch
  Level 2:  Pink chevron
  Level 3: Brown chevron
  Level 4:  Purple chevron
  Level 5:  Orange chevron
  Level 6:  Green chevron
  Level 7:  Yellow chevron
  Level 8:  White chevron
  Level 9:  Red chevron
  Level 10:  Blue chevron
  Level 10+: Gold chevron

Skill Meets in the Water

We offer a handful of skill meets each year in the water using the USA Diving Future Champions Format.  Future Champions levels 1-8 allow divers to move up the ranks when their skills are ready.  We are happy to be using Future Champions format and feel it reinforces proper skill progression and rewards the divers for good technique.  This is the foundation for increasing skill difficulty in an ever-evolving sport such as diving.