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MHDC Team Gear

Everyone loves gear, get your gear info here!

Everyone should order a team suit.  We place orders twice a season for that years team suit.  If you are interested in a team suit, please be sure to watch for a team email or ask when the next team suit order will be placed.  We recommend that you order a team suit if you plan on competing during the season.  Some groups on the team are required to purchase a team suit each season.  

If you are looking for MHDC branded shirts, shorts, pants, hoodies, etc there are many available for parents and divers.  Sometimes there are order windows open for about 7-10 days, and sometimes the vendor remains open year round.  Order Team GEAR here 

Everyone can order a team parka.  These are fleece lined, down to the knees, deck parkas to keep your child warm during long (and sometimes chilly) meets.  We typically place parka orders once a year, typically August/September so if you are interested be sure to inquire. 

We also typically have in stock at the Flip School a variety of other team branded gear like t-shirts, shammies, string bags, Tervis Water Bottle, DIVE decals for your car, popsockets for your cell phones and more.  If you are looking for any of the above just email us at info@learntodive.org.