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Collegiate Athletes

MHDC consitently produces more NCAA althetes than all other teams in the region combined, including many Division 1 scholarship athletes.  Some of the prestigious universities that MHDC athletes have attended include:




Katie Russ-Harvard University

Averly Hobbs-West Virginia University

Kyle Goodwin-University of Missouri

Caitlin Torgerson-Mesa State University

Ayaka Schmitz-Louisville University

Tori Ritter-University of Cincinnati

Alex Hafey-University of Wisconsin


Katie Nissle-New Mexico State University


Alan Leblang-University of Minnesota



Trent Kindvall-University of Massachusetts

Sheridan Decker- New Mexico State University

Alexa Beckwith- University of Missouri
Evan Hull- University of Iowa
Kaitlin Costello-University of Arizona

Ashley Peterson- University of Wisconsin

Cat Badillo- University of Denver

Shelby Johnson-BYU

Ashley Heline- Trinity University 
Mady Ingmire- University of Louisville

Lia Miller-University of Northern Colorado

Zahra Kiaee- University of North Texas 
Connor Walton-Principia College
Zoe VanWirt-USAFA

Chandler Marshall-San Diego State University

Nic Suder - BYU
Tanner Nemkov-Northwestern University

Lauren Rone-Marshall University 

Sarah Moore-Colorado School of Mines
Melissa Bollig-University of New Mexico
Zack Peterson-University of Kentucky

Emily Kasyon-University of Delaware 
Dominick Butts- Saint Bonaventure
Kevin Moore-University of Virginia

John Fox- University of Kentucky 
Christina Wood-Eastern Michigan University
Sadie Wells- University of Evansville

Corey Bangs-Miami University, Ohio 
Kelly White - Mirage Entertainment
Aubrey Bush-University of New Mexico

Alyse Strampel-New Mexico State University

Tia Claps-University of Nebraska

Doogie Cohen-University of Hawaii
Drew Moulton-BYU

Ashleigh Peck-USAFA

Eric Wallace-USAFA

Kyle Bogner-University of Wyoming 

Olivia Covey-University of Alabama
Sean Moore-The Ohio State University

Drew Brown-University of Minnesota 

Kitt Watkins-University of Denver
Richard Marschner-University of Louisville


Nikki Kelley-Colorado State University

Preston Holcombe-Southern Methodist University

Stephanie Ortiz-University of Wyoming

Austin Barrand-BYU

Aaron Feight-University of Denver

Dara Marin-Northern Arizona University
Karissa Tuthill-University of Alabama

Maggie McNurlin-University of Wyoming

Justin Schmidt-University of Florida

Megan MacDonald-University of Arizona

Abby Krall-Souther Methodist University

 Taylor Roberts- Indiana University
Keelan Smith-University of Denver

Jennifer Sprangers-University of Hawaii

Jennifer Hess-Univerisity of Arizona


Other Colleges

University of California, San Diego
Saint Louis University

University of New Orleans