The Mile High Dive Club Tower Team is designed for those athletes interested in being National Level platform competitors.  You must be a member of a contract group in good standing with attendance scores in order to eligible for this team.  MHDC has a long history of successful platform divers, consistently earning top spots at the Zone and National Championship meets each year.  Athletes from our team have gone on to qualify on platform for such prestigious meets as the US Olympic Trials, the US National Team Synchro Selection Camp and the NCAA Championships, including 2007 MHDC graduate Sean Moore winning the NCAA Championship title and setting a new NCAA record while a freshman at the Ohio State University.  In addition we have had finalists on platform at Olympic Trials and Senior Nationals, along with a gold medalist at the 2019 Pan American Games representing Team USA!  


We have the amazing privilege of being allowed to train at the Air Force Academy.  We understand that with this privilege comes great responsibility to enter and exit that facility with no impact on cadet life and to behave in a manner that is exemplary and cordial.  The Air Force does not have to open their facility to us, but has graciously found a way to make it possible for our organization to use it if we are invisible.  


There are many times where the Air Force Academy will not let us onto base, or in their facility.  Although this is not ideal for us, we understand completely that this is out of our control and much of it is tied to things going on in the world and have nothing to do with our organization.  The Air Force primary focus is centered around the cadets, not our club.  Again, we are thankful for every single day we are allowed to benefit from training in their facility.  We will not complain when there are times that interrupt our training.  


Tower Team tuition is $880 per year, payable in $80/month increments (August excluded).  This amount is based on an annual commitment.  No refunds or suspensions of tower tuition are allowed, and no pro-rations will be given for months where there are fewer tower practices offered by MHDC, or fewer tower practices attended by Tower Team athletes.  Tower Team athletes practice days are set in September of each year.  Switching tower practice days mid year for the Junior Advanced, National Prep, National Prep Advanced, and College Prep groups is not permitted. As a part of being on the Tower team, these athletes compete at all meets that have platform competitions throughout the year that are part of the required meet commitment for each group, including invitationals, Zones, and Nationals.  This requirement holds even when Air Force shuts down, as it has in the past and will do in the future. 


Tower Team is geared for those athletes who are interested in becoming National Level platform athletes.  In this way it is different from the club’s overall LTAD group structure in which the athletes, depending on which group they are in, may not yet have made the commitment to be competitive at the national level on springboard.  As such, the Tower Team is completely optional and does not have any standing on an athlete’s selection to graduate through the club’s LTAD system.  As such, there are no 5M, 7M or 10M skill requirements on the LTAD skill proficiency and progression standards.  That being said, platform diving is extremely valuable and often helps learn their required springboard skills at more accelerated pace than diving springboard alone.  


If you are interested or would like more information, please email us at or call us at (303)871-0754.  


**As you know, the AFA is gracious enough to let us have the ability to train outside of visiting hours.  Because of this, from time to time, we do experience difficulties getting onto base.  Our contact has filed a list that the North Gate keeps with all of our drivers information to attempt to avoid entry problems.  With that being said, it is guaranteed that at some point you will have entry problems that are out of our control.  Please remain calm as any sort of disturbance will result in getting us removed all together from being able to train down there.  If/when you have issues with entry, simply say “ok, thank you” and pull out of the entry line and proceed to the parking lot at the North Gate.  Divers will have to jump into the car of another diver in that practice to gain entry into the base.  We understand this is not ideal but we cannot change the situation and are grateful for any opportunity to train at the AFA. 

To get to the pool:
- Exit I-25 southbound at the North Gate Blvd Exit and stay right (west)
- Pull up to entrance gate and provide current drivers license
- Proceed straight and then turn left onto Parade Loop
- Turn right on Field House Drive
- Park in upper lot (the second lot you'll see)
- Pool is in the Cadet Gymnasium (go through front entrance, go down ramp, turn right to get to stands or go straight to get to lockers)