Private Lessons

Private Lessons are a great way to supplement training, work through an issue you had during training, or most commonly to move through certain skills at a faster pace.   Private lessons are predominately in the Flip School where we can utilize more equipment and apparatus in the most effective way possible to aid in learning.  Rarely, water lessons are scheduled after the skills are learned in the gym setting.  Water lessons are used typically only to transfer a skill to the pool once it is already foundationally solid in the Flip School.  



Private Lessons with a HEAD COACH:

1 hour gym private $85 (cash discount $80)


Private Lessons with a STAFF COACH:

1 hour gym private $65



All payments are made out to Mile High Dive Club or MHDC and are due at the time of the private if they were not billed to a credit card when scheduled.  

If you are unable to make a scheduled private and fail to notify the front office in writing at least 24 hours in advnace, there is a $25 reschedule fee if you wish to use that private.  


If you are on a portion of the team where you have privates built into your training or must schedule privates when you miss practices, all scheduling of private lessons go through the front office.  Email or call (303)871-0754.