Competitive Evaluations are geared towards kids that have done other sports at high levels that lend themselves to diving.  If your child has done gymnastics, wrestling, pole vaulting, dance, ice skating, parkour, trampoline and tumbling, or just loves to flip on your backyard trampoline, your child has a high chance of learning diving at an accelerated rate.  

By scheduling a Competitive Evaluation, your child will have a one-on-one session with a coach that typically lasts an hour at the Flip School.  During this time your child will be exposed to different skills in order to identify if they belong in a more competitively tracked part of the team.  Typically children will do varied skills on the floor, trampoline, dryboard and often are exposed to skills in a spotting belt.  

To get an idea of the competitive groups schedule and skills go to our Groups Tab and click on Little Rippers and Junior Advanced.

If you feel that you child has relevant experience or is very driven acrobatically, this is where you would start.  Competitive Evaluations can be scheduled directly through the front office by calling (303)871-0754 during office hours or by emailing us at .  After completing the eval, either a coach will talk to you in the lobby when your child finishes, or you will receive a follow-up call within a few days, to give a recommendation as to what group would best suit your child. 

Please download, sign, and bring our DUAL WAIVER to the trial.  

Without the proper forms, your child will not be permitted to do the Competitive Evaluation.