Meyers closed Tuesday, Dec 12: No junior/varsity practice


Athlete Travel

Athletes traveling as a part of MHDC will be held to the highest standard of personal conduct. The general rule for travel is to use your common sense. If you would not do something with your parents or your coach present, do not do it on the trip. Along with this general guideline, all athletes will be expected to follow the following rules.

  1. Absolutely no drugs, including alcohol, will be permitted on trips. If an athlete is found in possession of any of the aforementioned items they will immediately be sent home from the trip at their own expense. Further travel after such an offense will be suspended and serious discussion will occur as to the offending athlete remaining on the team.
  2. Team chaperones and coaches are responsible for the wellbeing of the team for the entirety of the trip. Because of this, all athletes must obey the team chaperones and coaches at all times. In order to preserve the safety, quality and sustainability of our team, disobedience to chaperones and coaches will not be permitted.
  3. Curfews will be strictly enforced. No diver will be allowed outside of their room after the time appointed by the chaperone and the coach.


All of these policies are adopted to preserve the quality and safety of our team. Any violation of these guidelines, or behavorial misconduct, will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the meet, being sent home at the athletes expense, and possibly being removed from the team.  

We invite all of our athletes to use their best judgment in all decisions while on meets. Remember that you are a part of a very special group and that your behavior, good and bad, reflects directly upon team as a whole. We have always been blessed to have a very intelligent group of athletes on our team. We invite you to use that intelligence and to conduct yourselves in such a way that will invite the respect and encourage the pride that you and the team deserve.